Who is Rick van der Kleij?

Senior research psychologist at the  Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

Talking to Isolde Hallensleben about  innovation during the Dutch Design Week

About me

Dr. Rick van der Kleij is a Cognitive and Industrial/Organizational psychologist and expert in the human factor in cyber security. He works as a senior research psychologist at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). Rick is also senior researcher at the Center of Expertise Cyber Security at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) and member of the advice committee of Security Awareness NL. Rick is convinced that (human)behavioral aspects are key to improving cyber security within organizations and society as a whole. His current work focuses on cyber resilience of small and medium sized enterprises, the cyber security behavior of humans, and the performance of teams and individuals that are professionally involved in cyber security, such as Computer Security Incident Response Teams. Rick’s lines of work have been described in more than 100 articles, technical reports, and book chapters listed in his Selected Publications, including: Computer Security Incident Response Team Effectiveness: A Needs Assessment, a peer-reviewed high-impact article in Frontiers in Psychology. 

Lecturing about cyber resilience for cyber security professionals

Research interests

My primary interest lies in applying science based psychology solutions to cyber security issues in work and organizational settings. I have extensive knowledge on human behavior and team work in all kinds of settings. My current work focuses on the application of this knowledge to enhance the digital resilience of (1) teams that are professionally involved in cyber security, (2) the employees within organizations that are the targets of cyber attacks, and (3) society as a whole.    

How to reach me

Dr. Rick van der Kleij

P.O. Box 23, 3769 ZG Soesterberg, the Netherlands

Phone: 00318886 65855 (automatic call routing to mobile phone)

Personal website: http://rickvanderkleij.yolasite.com/

E-mail: rick.vanderkleij@tno.nl; r.vanderkleij@hhs.nl

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Twitter : @R_vanderkleij


List of Publications (Left click on picture)


Podcast Infosequre (04012021): Ons cybergedrag is veel onveiliger dan we zelf denken. https://share.transistor.fm/s/f757f2f4

Hoe veilig gedragen wij ons online? Een studie naar de samenhang tussen kennis, gelegenheid, motivatie
en online gedrag van Nederlanders (2020). In opdracht van het WODC door Susanne van ’t Hoff-de Goede, Rick van der Kleij, Steve van de Weijer, en Rutger Leukfeldt.  https://www.wodc.nl/binaries/2975_Volledige_Tekst_tcm28-421151.pdf

Hoe cyberweerbaar zijn mkb-retailers in de regio Den Haag? bekijk de infographic (2019): https://www.dehaagsehogeschool.nl/docs/default-source/documenten-onderzoek/lectoraten/cybersecurity-in-het-mkb/cyberweerbaarheid-mkb.pdf

 Download DISSERTATION (2007) @ UvA DARE (Digital Academic Repository)(Dissertation Online)

Ad hoc reviewer: Judgment and Decision Making; Public Administration; International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management; Military Psychology; DisplaysTijdschrift voor Human Factors; European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

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